Songs of Love and Loss  for Baritone & Piano (2012)

Music by James Lee III     Poems by Vincent Dion Stringer

No. 1 Beauty Unfolding (1992)

Like a rosebud unfolding after rain

While warm rays of sunlight caress its petals,

I see your beauty unfolding before me.


Like the sunrise that begins a new day in spring,

Or a sunset that fades away from the mirror-like waves

At high tide in summer,

I see your beauty unfolding before me.


Like the freshness of the air after rainfall

Or a single dewdrop amidst a million blades of grass in a meadow

I see your beauty unfolding before me.


And like a quiet snowfall sneaking in at midnight above the high mountains

Covering every surface and invading every hidden corner of its peaks,


Your beauty is unfolding in me, filling me with love and reflections of you.



No. 2 Autumns Fade (2002)


Oh, sweet music to my ears,

Once I heard your voice.

Oh, how beauty filled the air,

When I saw your face


Ah, how lovely was the touch

When I felt you near

How my heart it was warms so much

To think of you, my dear


Oh the sound of yonder breeze

When you came my way

And how beautiful to see

 The fields of lilies sway


As you made your way towards me

Where in fields we’d lay

Tending to each other’s needs

As we pass the time of day


Oh, the fragrance of the spring

Upon our memories loom

With the thought of summer nights

And happy days in June


For we are here in autumn’s fade

And all that now remains

Are youthful dreams and tales of then

          And what our love became.